Overview of Partnerships

The Council on Black Health recognizes the importance of creating sustainable and interdependent relationships within Black communities and with the organizations that originate in Black communities in order, to make a significant impact on Black health outcomes. Building healthy Black communities requires the collective effort of researchers and organizations that serve Black interests working with members of Black communities.

Many of the social determinants of health that plague Black communities are rooted in historical inequities and contemporary discriminatory policies and practices. These injustices have manifested themselves as food deserts, reduced access to recreational facilities, and disproportionate environmental hazards that affect the lives and health prospects of Black people residing in underserved communities.

The Council on Black Health develops partnerships within Black communities to create solutions that help reverse negative health trends, and that support positive health and well-being. The Council on Black Health sees health disparities and health equity in Black communities as a social justice concern that we can conquer together.

Council on Black Health Members

The Council on Black Health develops partnerships to work with organizations and individuals to achieve healthy Black communities. The health-related challenges facing Black communities are complex and dynamic. By developing partnerships, we can achieve positive and lasting changes in health-related outcomes in Black communities.

The Council offers rigorous and relevant research and expertise that can help Black individuals and organizations support the communities they serve. By becoming a partner with CBH, you and/or your organization can become part of a movement to overcome persistent disparities in health and achieve health equity among Black Americans.

Council on Black Health Chapter Sites

The Council on Black Health seeks to achieve optimal health for the Black community by creating solutions to help reverse negative health trends and support positive health and well-being. We will build a network of city-specific chapter sites that is connected by a shared interest and demonstrated dedication to the health of the Black community. The Council on Black Health recognizes the importance of having a bi-directional approach to research, by intentionally engaging communities. The Council’s mission to develop and promote solutions that achieve healthy Black communities will only be realized through such collaborative efforts. By working together, we can move towards a shared, national Black health agenda that reaches all corners of the Black community.

National Black Organization Partner Roundtable

The National Black Organization Partner Roundtable (NBO Partnership) is a cohort of five nationally recognized organizations who are committed to the health and wellbeing of Black communities. The goal of the partnership is to fulfil the implicit, exceptional potential to mobilize action within Black communities and on behalf of Black communities—among decision makers in public and private sectors—to set a course to change Black health for the better, for the long term.

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