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Making the Case for Food Advocacy

Understanding the assets and barriers within food environments is a great first step to improving options for healthy eating.

Far too many Americans develop diet-related conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and some types of cancer) that compromise health, limit the ability to work, diminish overall quality of life, and may lead to a shorter lifespan. Most Americans consume too much of the types of foods that work against good health and make it difficult to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Better food environments can help all Americans, especially those with low incomes, to reduce the burden of diet-related diseases and achieve better health.

We envision a food Landscape that is supportive of healthy eating

Access to Food

Variety Among Stores and Restaurants Favorable for Purchasing Healthful Foods

Active Participation Among Organizations with Healthy Food Access Policies

Policies that Support Nutrition Education and Limit Unhealthy Advertising