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Reimagining Black Health

THE COUNCIL ON BLACK HEALTH (the Council) is a research and action network that provides thought leadership to develop and implement a national agenda for Black health. The Council drives the agenda to realize healthy Black communities by impacting individual behaviors, social and political determinants of health, and chronic disease outcomes through our focus on partnerships, problem-solving (research), policy, and permanence.

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Our members are at the forefront of conducting research that challenges conventional wisdom related to changing health outcomes in Black communities. Read More

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We are a premier research organization that develops and distributes information about ways to improve the health profiles of Black Americans. Read More

Projects and Partnerships

Using bold and innovative strategies, our partnerships combat social, economic and political factors that have their roots in structural racism and must be combated with deliberate and sustained actions. Read More


Education often relates to higher educational achievement, better jobs and income, and ultimately, better health. Education also fosters a learned effectiveness that that acts as a deterrent to poor health outcomes. Read More


 The Council on Black Health  provides ready-to-use tools and open learning events to advance a Black health agenda in their own communities and nationally. Read More

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It is important that resources are shared with those that are interested in learning how to advance a Black health agenda in their own communities and nationally. Read More

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